At SAFTAA, your input is essential to our sport. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at one of the links listed below.


Errol Mann
Tel: 082 880 4876
E-mail: Errol Mann

Vice Chairman

Roelof Groesbeek
Tel: 082 440 2544
E-Mail: Roelof Groesbeek


Debbie Pienaar
Tel: ??
E-mail: Debbie Pienaar

Development and Liaison

Mike Brews
Tel: 082 358 7404
E-mail: Mike Brews

Technical Officer

Mark Fairon
Tel: 082 909 7474
E-mail: Mark Fairon


Nettie Fouche
Tel: 083 324 5762
E-mail: Nettie Fouche

General E-Mail

General E-Mail